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News from Friends of the Rosicrucian Spirit Prayer Group

 The Fellowship Of The Spirit Is The Realization of God

To all our friends Everywhere



To all our friends Everywhere

Dear Friends


Our little prayer group, Friends of the Rosicrucian Spirit, is offering a summer school on the philosophy of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. It will be from August 16 through August 20, 2004. It will cover theoretical and applied topics in the philosophy and astrology. One series will be called Building the Soul Body, and it will be about the fundamental work of the Rosicrucian movement. No format has been determined yet but there will probably be several classes during the day and evening. If you would like to offer classes, workshops, or discussions on some aspect of the Rosicrucian philosophy (we will not be as wide-ranging as we are with the conclaves), please let us know. We would like to hear from many voices. There will be ample time for informal discussion and fellowship. We will probably take walks in parks and gardens. Again, no format has been set for evenings yet, but if you would like to offer some form of entertainment, please let us know. We have been thinking of a songfest and perhaps even some dancing for exercise.

Guests from out of town will be able to find lodging with various members of our group. We have not decided how to handle food, but we will work out something for healthy vegetarian food for everyone. Attached is a map of Madison and the area. If you let us know, we will meet your bus, train, or plane. If you come on Sunday afternoon or evening, you can join us for the Rosicrucian Fellowship devotional and healing services. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce new people to the Rosicrucian philosophy, so please tell friends and acquaintances who may be interested. It will help us to get the word out, because we do not have wide circulation with our mailing list.

If you are thinking of coming for all or part of the school, please inform us as soon as possible, because we have little time for preparation. You can reach us at the address above or the contact people listed below. We hope to see you.

Thank you.

In Fellowship,

Friends of the Rosicrucian Spirit


Edgar Anderson

2806 Regent St

Madison, WI 53705

608 238-2992

Richard Koepsel

306 West Lakeside St

Madison, WI 53715

608 251-0254

Elizabeth Ray

605 Pilgrim Trail

Sun Prairie, WI 53590

608 834-3385



Friends of the Rosicrucian Spirit Prayer Group , is offering a Summer School on the Philosophy of The Rosicrucian Fellowship. It will be from August 16 through August 20, 2004.

306 West Lakeside

Madison, WI 53715-2035




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