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From Max Heindel's Writings


Carl Louis F. Grasshoff


( 1865-1919)

Founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship


Christian Rosenkreuz and the Order of Rosicrucians

The Symbolism of the Rose Cross

The Aquarian Age and the Second Advent by Max Heindel

Aphorisms from Max Heindel Writings

The Star of Bethlehem : A Mystic Fact

The Astronomical Allegories of the Bible


Spiritual Sight and Insight


 The Work of the Rosicrucian Fellowship


Noah and His Wonderful Ark

by Manly P. Hall

 - Rays from the Rose Cross, September/October 2000


Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins
by Manly P. Hall

From Lectures on Ancient Philosophy—An Introduction to
the Study and Application of Rational Procedure:
The Hall Publishing Company, Los Angeles, First Edition 1929, Chapter 19


 Why and how did  Separation arise from Unity?

by Jeff Auen

THE ANCIENT OF DAYS ( Ilustration by William Blake for his poetic work "Europe", 1794) ; Relief etching with watercolor, 23.3 x 16.8 cm; British Museum, London


The Mystery of the Lost Word


Kent Lorimer

-Rays from the Rose Cross, July/August 2002


 Early Representatives of the Rose Cross

by Anne Barkhurst

- Rays from the Rose Cross, July/August, 2003


The Roses on the Cross

A Meditation

 by Arline D. Cramer

- Rays from the Rose Cross, November/December, 1997


Exploring the Origins of Rosicrucianism

by Minnie Hotaling

-Rays from the Rose Cross, July/August,1998


Rosicrucians - True and False

 - Rays from the Rose Cross, September/October 1999


Why the Rose?

by A Student

- Rays from the Rose Cross, November 1956


The Language of Flowers

Peace: A Legend of the Golden Rod


by Corinne Heline

( Picture by Frater Velado)

- Rays from the Rose Cross, September/October 2000


Reader's Questions

Who are the Manichees?

Will you give me some information concerning the Manichee?

 The Cross and Roses Meditation

What is the meditation on the black cross and the seven roses?

  - Rays from the Rose Cross, September/October 2003



The Autumn Equinox - Its Spiritual Significance

by Corinne Heline

  - Rays from the Rose Cross, September/October 1997


The Devolution and Evolution of Astrology

by Manly P. Hall

Paracelsus Performing the Experiment of Palengenesis

"Palengenesis [ roughly equivalent to Rebirth ] is the resurrection of the soul from the material organism. The human body is the Hermetic  bottle . By palengenesis, however, the spiritual elements can be reassembled by alchemical art and the Three of Life caused to grow again within the human nature."


Ella Wheeler Wilcox



- Rays From The Rose Cross, July, 1959


Rosicrucian Brotherhood

From the Rosicrucian apologist's book Svmmvm Bonvm, The Highest Good, which first appeared in 1629 in German.

 by Robert Fludd

Portrait de Robert Fludd
(1574  - 1637,)

- Rays from the Rose Cross , January-February, March-April & May-June 1997


Early Rosicrucian and Occult Symbolism

by Charles Weber

- Rays from the Rose Cross, May-June 2000


 The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz


Johan Valentin Andreae (1586-1654)

 - Rays from the Rose Cross, May/June ,1997.


Fama Fraternitatis
A Discovery of the Fraternity of the Most Laudable Order of the Rosy Cross

 Introduction by Alexandre David

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Who Are The Rosicrucians?

by Alexandre David

The Polish Rider ( Painting by Rembrandt, 1655) A tradition states that this is a portrait of the mysterious Rosicrucian Adept the Comte de Saint Germain, believed to have been an incarnation of Christian Rosenkreutz.

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New Birth Through Regeneration

by Corinne Heline

This is the first Part of Chapter XII from Corinne Heline's book "OCCULT ANATOMY AND THE BIBLE" published by New Age Bible & Philosophy Center, 1139 Lincoln Boulevard , Santa Monica, CA, 90403. Her complete works are available through this Esoteric Center.


The Knights Templar

by Corinne Heline

- Rays from the Rose Cross, May/June 2003


 The Three Degrees of Discipleship

by Corinne Heline

-Rays from the Rose Cross , November/December 2002

From Corinne Heline's New Age bible Interpretation, Vol. VI, published by New Age Bible & Philosophy Center, founded by the author, Corinne Heline. 


Discipleship - The Five Followers - The Fellowship Degree

by Corinne Heline

Part 1 ( Pages 1 to 3 ) -Rays from the Rose Cross, January/February 2003

Part 2 (Pages 4 to 7 ) -Rays from the Rose Cross, March/April 2003

The second and third of this four-part of study, begun in the November-December 2002 Rays, considers the five disciples belonging to the second or Fellowship degree of Discipleship.





About  Max  Heindel  and The  Rosicrucian  Fellowship


by Ger Westenberg

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The Essenes Who Changed Churchianity



Rays from the Rose Cross magazine, October 1959.

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  Heindel and Steiner

by Jeff Auen


 Rays from the Rose Cross

Selected Articles 2003-04

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The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception


Mystic Christianity


An Elementary Treatise Upon
Man's Past Evolution, Present Constitution
and Future Development

By Max Heindel


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Poetry & Essays by Elsa M. Glover



Picture by   Frater Velado

Veteran Rosicrucian Fellow Elsa M. Glover, Ph.D ,  has passed to the Superior Cosmic Planes at 26 th of June, 2003..

Elsa M. Glover graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor of science degree in physics and went on to study at Purdue University. She graduated from Purdue with both a master's degree and a Ph.D. in physics, and she was a professor of physics at Stillman College. Ms. Glover had also studied scientific astrology and Christian mysticism for many years. The author wrote and lectured widely on such subjects as science and religion, astrodiagnosis and Aquarian conflict resolution.


Poetry & Essays by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


 Bible : Wonder Book of the Ages

by Corinne Heline


 Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine

by Carl Louis F. Grasshoff ( Max Heindel)


 Towards Freedom


Picture from The Worlds of Gilbert Williams

by Elisabeth Ray

This article was given as a Chapel talk in September 2002 .

Rays from the Rose Cross magazine, September-October 2003.

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Christ is the Divine Messenger


Published in RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS (May-Jun 2003)

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Members Sites

 Defending Human Rights Worldwide

 Free Online Virus Scan




Written on the wall of a church in Germany,  attributed to St. Germain

Ye call me Master and obey me not.
Ye call me Light and see me not.
Ye call me the Way and walk it not.
Ye call me Right and desire it not.
Ye call me Wise and follow me not.
Ye call me Fair and love me not.
Ye call me Eternal and seek me not.
Ye call me Gracious and trust me not.
Ye call me Just and fear me not.
We give you Love, 'tis all we've got.
For Love unties the Gordian Knot.

--Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, March/April, 1996



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